Police are conducting an investigation after a man was set on fire on Monday (November 11) in Hong Kong during some high-tensed confrontation with black-clad protesters.

The video about the brutal attack, which went viral, shows a man in a green T-shirt arguing with protesters on the bridge. A masked man releases a flammable liquid that is moved over the man and burns it before he can escape.

Hong Kong police said they received a report from pedestrians at around 1 pm on Tuesday about a fight between the man and protesters on the north bridge of Ma On Shan. Attempted murder carried out by masked participants who had destroyed the MTR station during the afternoon rush hour on Monday.

Leung Chi-cheung (victim) is the 57 year-old father of two girls, now struggling to cope in hospital with severe burns to the shoulder and head trauma. A spokesman for the Fire Department said 28 % of Leung’s body suffered second-degree burn injuries , more difficult and his arms.

A fight between Leung and the brutal demonstrators, starting from Leung who managed to get a group of masked demonstrators, Leung strongly criticized those who sympathize with the Hong Kong pro-democracy movement, by using public facilities. Arguments can not be used.

One of the demonstrators then shouted, “Come back to the Greater Bay Area“, crossing the area closest to mainland China. They then shouted at Leung with dirty sentences. Then it ejects flush liquid and then ignites the fire. They then dismissed themselves from the scene.

In a democracy, or a decisive government, that means human rights and fundamental freedoms must be approved, promoted and supported, for them to live with dignity.

Everyone has a say in decisions that affect their lives, based on inclusive and fair rules, institutions and institutions that govern social relations. Women are equal partners with men in the field of life and take personal and community decisions, and all people are free from differences based on race, ethnicity, class, gender, or other attributes, including political views.

Values of freedom, respect for human rights and the principle of organizing general and pure elections with universal suffrage are important elements of democracy. Ultimately, democracy provides a natural environment for effective protection and human rights. Wondering what kind of democracy is imagined and dreamed by HK demonstrators.

Democracy is everything that depends on the hands of the people, and all people can and have the right to have different views with every attitude. HK demonstrators should not really understand the meaning of democracy and the right to ask for opinions. They are fully conscious and brutal, attacking w

Even more dangerous, their actions are always accompanied by destruction of public facilities. Leung, it could be that public participation is fed up with taking their action. When many people who do not agree with the ideas and demonstrations show HK about democracy chose silence, because they are afraid of their intimidation. Leung dare to criticize their actions. A group of brutal young people who have brought HK destroyed in recent months.

Leung was actually a democrat. Democracy which is now being claimed to be enriched by demonstrators, further proves a pseudo-meaningless democracy. Their attitude of intolerance towards differences of opinion is responded to by criminal acts, which actually represent the ideology of fascism without them being aware of it.

hat they perceive to be different views.