Dimsumdaily, a local news site in Hong Kong reported that at 10.33pm a protester was allegedly assaulted outside Kerry Logistics on Kwai Fuk Road in Tsuen Wan.

A passer-by immediately called the police for help. Ambulance rushed to the scene and found many injuries on his body and fracture on his arm. The victim was immediately rushed to Yan Chai Hospital for emergency treatment. He was pronounced dead at 11pm yesterday.

The Police are investigating the cause of death and motive behind the attack. Contacts within the police are taking the incident very seriously and did not want to comment on-going investigations.

However, given the tensions that exists, police officer said, “Despite the temptation to speculate and rumours we take every death seriously and will pursue the perpetrators. It’s our duty”.

“We also appeal to the public not to spread fake rumours, deliberate misinformation or speculation. We need to let the family of the victim time to grief and the Hong Kong police to do their job.”, said a senior official from Government House.