In a landmark decisions all arrested Black Bloc protesters will be denied bail and sent to the West Kowloon Court in Hong Kong on coming Wednesday. The court spent more than six hours to process the rioting charges for 96 anarchists of the over 200 arrested rioters on September 29.

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Reports emerged of the extend of weaponization of the chemical labs in the universities warranting the arrests in the interests of public safety. UK Channel 4 excellent reporting indicated that many of the rioters decided to surrender and tried to break out in a mass break out. The break out failed. The hopelessness of the situation for the rioters is visible on the faces of the rioters.

The reporting also shows the slow collapse of the discipline in the ranks of the protesters. One of the them shouted, if the “can toughen it out”. Not realizing the video game fantasy hits the reality of facing ten-years in prison.

Source: screenshot UK Channel 4

Channel News Asia reports about 1,100 people were arrested in one day as Hong Kong police officers found more than 3,900 petrol bombs at the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK), the most found in one location in the city.

Source: Channel News Asia

“It’s alarming that universities in Hong Kong (have) turned into weapon factories,” a staff from the CUHK was quoted.

The protest have caused widespread destruction, unrest and impacted the economy. Attacks on police officers, destruction of public transportation and targeting of civilians rocked Hong Kong since 31 March 2019. The change came after a Media officer for the Hong Kong Police was shot by an arrow in the calf.

Fierce pitch-battles between Hong Kong police and Black Bloc anarchists ended on Sunday with scores of protesters surrendered to police. 

Throughout Monday hard-core continue to surrender in small numbers. Reports suggests protesters continue to avoid arrests. Hong Kong police also reported having arrested a 21-year-old Japanese man amid pro-democracy protests.

Hikaru Ida, a student at Tokyo University of Agriculture, by Japanese government sources, stating that he was detained Sunday near Hong Kong Polytechnic University in the Kowloon district.

Police reported a high level of corrosive and dangerous chemicals were used by the rioters to build bombs on the campus grounds.

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The use of chemicals was suggested on telegram providing the chemical formulas for Ammonium Nitrate, teargas and other explosives.