Pro-democracy protesters have again paralysed parts of Hong Kong, forcing schools to close and blocking highways as students built barricades and stockpiled makeshift weapons, setting the stage for campus showdowns, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation reports.

Police skirmishes with militant students at major university campuses around the Chinese-ruled city as authorities ordered schools and universities closed. Thousands of students hunkered down surrounded by piles of food, bricks, petrol bombs, arrows with heads wrapped in cladding, catapults and other homemade weapons.

Although most of the protesters already left the universities, claims of this is a leaderless movement are disproven. The Black Bloc protesters are structured led by a command structure in place. Field commanders, company commanders, squad commanders and cells are firmly structured. Canadian militant native Indian groups produced the Warrior manual circulated on Telegram.

Source: Hong Kong Black Bloc manual

Around August 2010 instructions were issued outlined the structure of the protesters. The media continues to claim this is a leaderless movement. It is not. This is deliberate false information. The functions are named as Warriors, Pikemen, Construction Workers, “Chain Alchemists”, Sentinels, Signal corps, Medicals soldiers, Long-range attackers, high-speed transport soldiers, common transport soldiers, “businessmen” and other functional positions.

The Affinity Groups of the warrior clan have fancy names like speed dragon, fire magician squad or other names borrowed from the games.

The movement calls itself the “real system” with the police referred to as “canal” and “dogs”.  The  manual  written  by  Canadian  militants  spells  the  importance  of  intelligence  collection.

Reports emerge on the protesters are using “sentinels” as it was suggested by protesters from Lebanon, images appear of the “Lennon flag” carried by Denise Ho surfaced in Bolivia and the use of laser pointers are in use against police in Chile.  Foreign activists shows up with increasingly frequency to lend a hand to the protests.

Suggestions such as launch bags filled with human feces to hope sickness spread among police officers. Barbed wires, catapults and supplies are smuggled into the universities. Self-defense classes are taught to teach how to hit police officers “the right way”.

Hong Kong is officially entering recession after five-month chaotic protest taking place. People need to speak out against violence instead of encourage, normalize and justify it. Because no matter how and when the protest end, Hong Kong citizen will bear the costs for long-time recovery process to build the stability back.

And therefore, what has caused security threats, businesses shut down, infrastructures damaged and destroyed, along with disrupted public service activities, must be immediately stopped.