International law specialist Toby Cadman has said that Pakistan has “compelling evidence” on the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) leader Altaf Hussain’s involvement in money-laundering.

Toby Cadman spoke to media at Heathrow Airport after visiting Pakistan for two days to meet the senior officials of Pakistan’s Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) who registered a case of money-laundering against the MQM’s London-based leader on the complaint of Sarfraz Merchant.

He said that he met delegates from two institutions working on the MQM related case to discuss “various cases against Altaf Hussain, I was impressed with the level of professionalism and how far the investigation has advanced and the quality of investigation that has been collected, which, I believe is a comprehensive file that they now have which we can present to the Metropolitan Police.”

He said that his visit was in the follow up to his meeting with the Scotland Yard in London last week where he handed over his client Sarfraz Merchant’s FIR copy to the police. He said he visited Pakistan to discuss with Pakistani officials the evidence they have and to assess it which could assist the police inquiries in this country.

The lawyer said the money-laundering investigation in the UK has been “suspended but certainly hasn’t been closed and all those who were suspects in the beginning remain suspects”.

Those who were investigated during the famous money-laundering investigation included Altaf Hussain, Sarfraz Merchant, Muhammad Anwar, Tariq Mir and two others.

This is first time a British law expert has issued a statement in favor of Pakistan and against Altaf Hussain. This shows a shift in UK policy regarding MQM’s chief.

It is interesting that when MQM-L chief was arrested in money laundering it was RAW that pursued MI-6 to give him relief and under RAW’s pressure UK not only released him but also withdrew cases of money laundering and murder against him.

However, since the MQM has split into two factions and Altaf Hussain has been kicked out by MQM Pakistan, it seems that he has become a useless piece of paper for RAW and Mossad as reflected by the statement of British law expert.