A day after the shooting of the 21-year old Black Bloc protester by a Hong Kong Police officer the pro-protester media was quick to question the Hong Kong police on the shooting as over-eager. CNN suggested the Hong Kong police is out of control. The spokesperson of the Hong Kong Police has rejected categorically the claim.

“CNN is degrading itself to just bad reporting,” said a senior police source. The actual video chopped down to in portraying the police officer shooting the protester. Some journalists are suggesting this is a false flag operation, a set up, and other ridiculous claims. The unfortunate fall of a student dying was presented by main media reporters as a result of the police chasing the protester. Another poster in English appeared in 24 hours calling for a halt to Police style executions surfaced. The claims are fake.

However, the group was about ten to twelve individual strong which raises questions if the police led into an ambush. Remembrance Day in Hong Kong besides the shooting also saw resistance by the citizens of Hong Kong against the Black Bloc protesters. A fact not covered by the mainstream media.

Source: Cupid Producer Facebook

The picture shows the Black Bloc protester on the left attempted to intimidate the citizen who went cleared the street from debris thrown on the street to obstruct morning traffic. A few citizens had enough and stood up to the thugs who are intimidate regularly. The potential for vigilante violence by the Black Bloc is only a question of time when the mob rule has run out of credibility.

The Black Bloc protesters called on social media for a “strategic robbing team” with the instruction “the next time you see a single policeman, the first task is to grab the armament”!

The protester hope the UK and the United States send in the Marines. The German government vetoed a support for the protesters. The Green Party led the efforts to support Wong and his cabal. It is seemingly odd that the German Green party supports violent extremists.

After a chase by the police officer with the protester getting away, the officer gets in a verbal argument with the the white hooded protester. Something startled the police officer and at 2 minute 01 the officer turns around and takes a tactical defensive stance.

At least nine to ten Black Bloc protesters are in the scene with the protester wearing a white hoodie challenging the police officers. On the left of the picture a protester carries a metal pole and four more protesters are hoovering in the background.