Let’s start with the Elephant in the room. Black is his colour.  Black Bloc is his name. In the recent interview with Deutsche Welle the spokesperson for several rioting student unions in Hong Kong Joey Siu was interviewed by the experienced journalist Tim Sebastian who issued this stark warning,

“If Hong Kong’s pro-democratic movement imaged it had the unqualified support from the international community it better thinks again. The British government has slammed what it calls, a hard core of demonstrators warning their violence is unacceptable and had to stop.”

Joey Siu reply is deeply disturbing and displays all the hallmark of an extremist movement. Like any other terror groups Siu wraps the justification for violence into a childish narrative of justified self-defence.

It is telling twenty-something Joey Siu using the upcoming elections for seats as the justification to use violence as the handmaiden for election victory. For the rest of the public you know it when you see it , it is terrorism.

Since the interview a 70-year old cleaner has died after he was hit by a brick during clashes with the Black bloc in Sheung Shui a district in Hong Kong. Social media claims a woman was responsible, was dismissed as fake news.

1 minute 45 second video shows at 0.28 seconds a black-dressed offender throwing an object from the left which hit the victim who was only filming the protester with full force. The impact hit the victim violently with his head jerking backwards as the victim fell. Police is classified the case as murder.


Death is now a political reality. Death is a point of no return. Siu and her leadership of the leaderless black bloc fanatics who face the reality that no restart button for death is available. Game over.

Her lack of empathy shows. Joey Siu, an U.S. born citizen said,

“I belief one of the principals among the protestors is about no splitting and no condemning any of the other protesters even though the level of violence they use seems to be like[ly] escalation and might be posing harm to the others.”

Joey Siu claims the protesters debate in a process called reflections the political direction, but she repeatedly insisted she does not condemn the violence. I hope she and her breed reflect on this men’s death. She lacks the sense of responsibility discrediting her as a leader or influencer.

Oddly enough, reflections is language used in the dialogue called The HK Forward Alliance which was held on 16 November as an online social media event. The surfacing of representatives of the Civic Exchange and other NGOs poses the question how this “bridge” and narrative suddenly surfaced. The Hong Kong Freedom Press wrote that process is hard to take serious.

Tim Sebastian interview described the mindset of the extremists as increasingly akin to totalitarianism, saying that the Hong Kong Black bloc movement effectively deprived people of any right to question and critique their tactics accordingly.

It is not bound by reason, rationale or any kind of justifiable merit but an irrational, hysterical and blind hatred.

The interview laid brutally bare the misjudgement of the protesters of risking the crackdown by China. The movement is rigid, inflexible and ideologically driven. Any other interpretation is ignoring the Black Elephant in the room. The Black Bloc is extremists, totalitarian and violent. Only an extremist like Siu thinks in absolute terms.