Black Bloc anarchists prepared for weeks a showdown with Hong Kong Police officers after a police officer was injured by an arrow shot. The “last stand” type of siege is identical to the Canadian and German black bloc anarchist occupy tactics.

Reports by the leaders Joey Siu, Nathan Law and Joshua Wong fail to disclose the leaders of the anarchists are issue combat directives such as a “no retreat” order and to “do all the tricks”, code for shooting arrows, fire bombing and destruction.

The leaderships hypocritical view in regards to violence and the consequence of death was apparent in an much viewed interview with Tim Sebastian of Deutsche Welle with the spokesperson of the Black Bloc rioters.

Hong Kong Police announced the report of two German exchange students participating in demonstrations.

Reports of foreign activists circulated for some time in Hong Kong. Particularly with the Black Bloc is a German creation the Hong Kong Police Force focused on foreign participation in protests. Two German students were arrested in Hong Kong for “unlawful assembly” linked to ongoing unrest in the city, police said early Saturday.

The students, aged 22 and 23, were arrested on Thursday for suspected participation in an illegal assembly, police said.

Intelligence indicated archer teams were trained and deployed by the anarchists. Today a Hong Kong Police Media Liaison was shot by an archer in the lower thigh. Police suspect the arrow was aimed to kill.

Source: social media

Contacts stated the Hong Kong Police considers this attack on one of its officers as an attempted murder. The anarchist ordered after the pictures surfaced on Telegram the order was given that the archers to halt their “work”.

Police arrested the activists posing as medical team which are part of the protesters. The medical teams are not excluded from prosecution since the medics are an alternative structure embedded in the anarchist ranks.

Source: social media, Hong Kong Police arrests suspected rioters

Police has meantime begun to clear the Polytechnic University but was met with stiff resistance by anarchists throwing volleys of fire bombs, Molotov cocktails and debris. Telegram accounts are filled with calls “of last battle at PolyU” and other universities prepare for a “last stance”. Others prepare for the University of Science and Technology was the “last battle” .

Protesters post pictures of police officer are armed with automatic weapons after anarchist set a police truck ablaze.

Source: Telegram

Hong Kong Police has issued repeated warnings using live ammunition if protesters continue to assault police officers. The universities were identified as a hotbed for extremism.